Dark Shadows

The main family cast of Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows

One Line Review:

A movie that fails to peak or dip, just a long leveled off meh.


Johnny Depp playing an eccentric character in a movie Tim Burton helped make? Dejavu. All previous Depp roles I’ve loved, but Barnabus Collins is finally the one where I’m over him. Don’t misinterpret that as Depp is bad, it’s just more of the same from him. Helena Bonham Carter in a Tim Burton movie? Dejavu again, but her performance I feel was more enjoyable, as she wasn’t as eccentric as usual. Her character, of the doctor is a nice change for her. Eva Green stuns us with her antagonist Witch, being sexy and evil at the same time. Other mentions for the always talented Chloe Grace Moretz, I loved her in this and everything I’ve seen her in so far. Michelle Pfeiffer also has a good role as the mum. Finally, it might only be 3/4 lines but Christopher Lee has a nice little cameo.


So the story managed to bore me but also kept me wanting to know the ending. The grudge between the witch and Barnabus is all fine, love hurts, but the side bit with Barnabus’ wife and the new nanny who randomly looks like her, all that bit, bored me. Similarly the subplot of the boy and his dead mother made little sense and hence bored me also. I’m being very negative, but even though half of them are in the trailers, there are some funny ‘fish out of water’ jokes in the film. There are funny bits and sexy bits, that keep your attention, but in the end its a flat film overall.

Recommend: If theres nothing else on, but i wouldn’t go out of your way

Overall: 6/10

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