Avengers Assemble

Thor, Iron Man and Captain America square up for The Avengers.


Avengers Assemble

One Line Review:

The Dark Knight Rises had better pull something special out his utility belt, because this is contender for greatest movie EVER!!


All the original cast members return; Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Chris Evans’ Captain America, Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson. Joining the team, as third time lucky Hulk, is Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner.
Other notable cast members include Cobie Smulders, of HIMYM fame, and it should also be noted that original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno voices the beast. Gweneth Paltro and Stellen Skarsgard reprise their roles from the other movies.


Now pre this review, I have seen the movie twice; once in 3d IMAX, and once in standard 2D. Little note about that: IMAX is totally worth it! Everything looks so much better. When there is a monitor on screen, in the 2D you can’t see what’s there, but in IMAX you can see what’s on the screen. When an actor is pronoinciating property, in IMAX you see the spit from his mouth. In IMAX you see all the extra’s faces, you see all the debris, and all the CGI looks crisp. Are all these features important to the movie? No. That’s why only the movies that matter are in IMAX. Anchorman 2 won’t be in IMAX and if it is, i’ll stick with 2D, but Dark Knight Rises will be and I’m definitely in for that.

Anyway, the movie. No matter what dimension or screen resolution you watch it in, it’s breathtaking. It is a fantastic movie. If Marvel (and now Disney) have proven one thing with The Avengers and it’s prequels, it’s that you don’t have to be nerdy and know about comics to love and understand these movies and characters. I’m a DC man through and through, but let’s be honest, Green Lantern sucked. This movie is almost perfection.
The first act, is quite slow. It’s introductions to Loki and what the Avengers are up to, and basically setting the scene. After that, Act 2 is all on Loki proving he’s the bad guy, and generally pissing everyone off. Act 3 makes the movie. Avengers does what Transformers tried to do, and does it better.


Again, really major spoilers ahead, read at your own risk

Ok here we go. Between fighting Loki and the Alien army he has, the Avengers spend most of the movie fighting themselves, then something will happen and it’s stop fighting and save the world time. But those fights with each other are immense. Thor VS Iron Man, Thor VS Captain America, Thor VS Hulk. Basically Thor fights everyone.
Now as I’ve said I’m no Marvel guy, so i know nothing about the “army” Loki brings except what is in the movie, which explanation wise, is lacking. So from what I got was these half cyborg half insect-humanoid creatures are the main bulk of the army. But they also get to fly these cyborg creature viechles. Now that metal “dragon” shown in the trailer, that’s basically a giant truck full of enemy soldiers. Also shown in the trailer are the flying little jet platform things, also creatures controlled by the soldiers. As bad guys they literally are canon fodder for the heroes to kill in AWESOME ways.

Now I’m going to go through the characters and say what I thought on them. First up is Hulk/Bruce Banner. The other 2 Hulk movies weren’t good, but this makes up for it. Ruffalo’s performance as Banner is great. He has a calm, slow portrayal which just works. Now Hulk. I figure he has two types of transformations. Willing and non-willing. A non-willing transformation is just blind rage, Hulk kill all in sight, kinda thing. Then a willing change, in which Hulk is controllable. That or there’s a huge stupid plot hole in the script. But. Hulk has the 3 best moments in the film. 1: He picks Loki up and just smashes him repeatedly into the floor. 2: After a fight he just randomly punches Thor in the face. 3: Captain America is dishing out commands, and says “… and Hulk…….SMASH!”
Captain America is his usual kinda useless self. Sure the Shield is cool, but other than that he’s not that cool.
Iron Man I like. He’s just funny. Every little quip he has is hilarious. One thing that did annoy me is that in several closeup shots, the arc reactor in his chest sometimes doesn’t show, especially in the non IMAX version. He also has a big moment at the end, but more on that in a mo.
Thor is awesome. Thor is always awesome. His fish out of water is funnier than Captain America’s.
Hawkeye is a big surprise. I thought he’d be annoying and useless, but after a minor plot twist, he kinda gets badass. His quiver with the adjustable arrow heads is cool, he has cool kills throughout and just is kinda cool.
Black Widow I don’t understand why she’s on the Avengers. Not a sexist thing, she is just a pretty thing to look at. She uses a gun to shoot baddies, hasn’t got many good kills, but she does have a badass interegration scene with Loki.
Speaking of Loki. He’s cool and all, but with the whole Marvel universe of movies setting up for future events, you get a sense of that Loki is just one pawn in a much bigger game of chess. Hiddleston’s performance is great through.

The ending is not very original. It annoyed me slightly. Basically it mixes the endings of Phantom Menace and Dark Knight. As I mentioned earlier Iron Man has a big thing at the end, and it’s that he rides a nuke into the mothership and the cyborg creatures fail.
After that there’s a montage of response to Avengers, most of which including Stan Lee’s cameo are against an Avengers Initiative. Then everyone goes their separate ways and no-one knows where they go.
It’s a Marvel film, so there’s a next film spoiler at the end, but because Joss Wedon is a friend to the nerds, he adds the scene after the first spiced up credits before the long boring credits. As a non marvel fanboy again I had to Google what was going on, but basically the guy who brings Loki back, gives him his staff and sets the universal destruction plan in motion is revealed. It’s a red faced guy who is apparantly someone called Thanos. Seems like a bad ass generic alien super warlord. So meh.

So basically it’s a freaking awesome movie.

Recommend: Well durh, did you read what I just put?
Overall: ∞/10


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