The Cabin In The Woods

Fran Kranz, Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly in The Cabin In The Woods


The Cabin In The Woods

One Line Review:

Awesome scifi horror, to rival even Alien.


Now I’m not a horror guy. I go to the cinema to be entertained, to laugh and possibly see boobs or Batman. But you put Thor in your horror movie and im in. Although the role he is given doesn’t give him much wiggle room, Chris Hemsworth still manages to be awesome. The other actor I knew prior to IMDB searches is the always funny Richard Jenkins, who lives up to that title.
New faces include Kristen Connolly and Fran Kranz. Kristen is kinda the lead character in this ensemble cast and Fran is definitely the lead comic relief, as the stoner. Both awesome. Also, for the boys and lesbians out there, boobies alert from Anna Hutchinson, she was also a good actress just re-align the karmic balance.


**Unfortunately I’m gunna stick a giant SPOILERS blanket over it all here, so read at your own will, as there is a GIANT plot twist from the story in the trailer**

How can you tell that Joss Wedon was involved? Answer: most of the cast dies, and the ending is very wide open.
Right. This isn’t your run of the mill horror movie. Otherwise I wouldn’t have liked it so much. Baring in mind my spoilers blanket, the entire thing is a hoax. Well, not quite. It’s kinda like if The Truman Show was a horror movie and Humanity is at stake.
So, the entire thing is a ritual sacrifice that’s been going on for centuries, and the ritual is a horror movie style killing, but just to spice things up, it’s monsters. Killing is done by the monsters for even bigger monsters. In fact this film has more Titans in it than Clash Of The Titans (that’s 1:0 to TCITW).

Well after all that all that is left for to explain is this an awesome movie. It’s funny throughout, it’s got horror and gore throughout, and it’s constantly poking your brain going “get it yet?”.

Recommend: Hell Yes!!
Overall: 9/10

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