Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence and Stanley Tucci in Hunger Games

Hunger Games

In an alternate universe, Earth is divided into districts and in order to ensure peace, each year each district offers up a young boy and girl to fight to the death in the Hunger Games

One Line Review:

Its 2 episodes of Star Trek (Arena and The Savage Curtain) meets The Truman Show meets Twilight meets Worms.


The story is based around the champion girl from District 12, Katniss played by Jennifer Lawrence, of X-Men First Class fame. She was great. She portrayed the two main shifts in the character, from pre games to in the games. She is joined by Josh Hutcherson who plays Peeta. This is the first thing i’ve seen him in and i can’t say i was blown away, however he didn’t give a bad performance, i just think the character he played didn’t have much range for him to shine in.

Co-Stars are a plenty in this film, my favourite of which is Stanley Tucci, (Easy A, Captain America and Devil Wears Prada) who plays the narrator like character, TV show host Caesar Flickerman. Tucci is one of my favourite actors, so naturally his was my favourite characters, with his blue hair (pictured at the top), he narrates the story, not just on the tv show for the districts, but for you the viewer. I loved his character’s little bit where he’s looking away and then looks at you with a giant grin.

Woody Harrelson, of Zombieland fame, stars as the Hunger Games veteran, Haymitch, who guides Katniss and Peeta through the film. This film seems to have a habit of putting well know balding actors in wigs. Elizabeth Banks (Zach And Miri Make A Porno and Scrubs) and Donald Sutherland (Space Cowboys and 2003 Italian Job) also co-star.


This movie is split into two. The first one is the leading up to the games, then Katniss goes up a tube to start the games and it becomes a totally different movie. The first movie is good. It’s all about Katniss and her showing her character. Then the games start, all that goes out the window and it becomes an action film.


I’m not going to mention any scenes specifically but, there was one part of this film that really annoyed me. At the beginning Katniss is shown to have a “boyfriend” or a boy she likes and hangs around with. Then during and after the games she gets with this Peeta guy. Now there are some moments that might suggest it’s all an act for the show, but i feel if that is the case they should have made it miles more clear. If not then I didn’t like that they got together, imagine that guy at home seeing all this on tv. Distraught.

*Spoilers over*

Recommend: If there is nothing else to watch and no TV, then its better than nothing.

Rating: 6/10

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